World Debut

Vapour Trail

Hazy IPA
Pillowy soft hazy India pale ale with lilting hop aromas of passionfruit, white grape and mandarin. An international hop joyride.
4.5 IBUs   7.4% abv


Sometimes there’s more beneath the surface than meets the eye. This multi-threaded imperial porter spent many moons in brandy barrels, then aged on muddled black currants and toasted oak chips for a truly distinctive and potent sipper. Dark beer meets dark fruit in enlightened times…best not get carried away.

60 IBUs 8.2% abv


PeachWheat Ale

Our deliciously peachy Belgian wheat ale is the perfect antidote for the Summer doldrums, with a tempting fresh fruit character, low bitterness and sweet-tart finish.

19 IBUs 5.7% abv

RhuBix Cubicle

Sour Ale with Fruit

Presently puzzled? Perpetually perplexed? Perhaps this calls for a drink outside the box. Here’s a mixed culture custom-blend fruited sour ale with a bright flourish of rhubarb and strawberry. Pleasantly puckering. Pure pleasure.
16 IBUs 6.0% abv