Seasonal Brews

Jinja Ninja

Spiced Double Witbier

Our spelt-based, ginger-laced amber double witbier is full of ancient grain wisdom & armed with a zesty fresh ginger kick. Jinja Ninja is here to vanquish the foe- beer boredom!

10 IBUs 7.3% abv

Derby Girl ESB

Our English-style extra special bitter is a wonderfully balanced, easy drinking amber ale. Brewed with traditional imported malt and hops, Derby Girl has a toasty biscuit-like sweetness with mild fruity aromas and a modest hoppy bite. 40 IBUs 6.0% abv

What We Brew in the Shadows

Dark Wheat Ale

Tall dark and tempting ‘Dunkel Weiss’ composed of hearty rye and wheat malts plus robust kiln-roasted barley. Rich overtones of banana bread, molasses & cocoa dust, with a glimmer of fruit and spice.

26 IBUs 6.0 % abv

Diamond Star Halo

American Kettle Sour Ale
Crisp and quenching, tart and tangy kettle sour with notes of sourdough and citrus. Serious pucker-power!
7 IBUs   4.8% abv


Smoked Baltic Porter
This sturdy and potent porter was forged from a wealth of European specialty malts & brewed to high strength- smoky, smooth, dark & dangerous. This special brew was inspired by the legendary Viking-era ‘Ulfberht’ sword and its painstaking recreation by Wisconsinite blacksmith/ historian Ric Furrer.
38 IBUs  7.9% abv

Grain Train

Kveik Barleywine

As team members at our original brewery are painfully aware, every drop of VBC beer starts with an uphill battle. Crafted in their honor with Wisconsin barley malt, 10 types of hops and a vigorous nordic yeast strain, this new-recipe strong ale is purpose-built for extended aging.

Over the last 10 years, nearly 1 million pounds of grain have been marched upstairs to the malt mill at our Whitney Way location to supply better than 1400 batches of beer.

As we celebrate our first 10 years of brewing, we salute all the helping hands in the Vintage family- past and present- we couldn’t have done it without you!
95 IBUs 10% abv


Dry-hopped Wheat Ale

Golden wheat ale dry-hopped with New Zealand’s distinctive Nelson Sauvin hops for luscious fruity aromas of passionfruit, white grape and citrus.

16 IBUs 5.3% abv

Bee’s Knees

Cream Ale

The humble cream ale has a history intertwined with the American working- class. We give ours a rural twist by brewing with oats, flaked maize, & WI clover honey. Mildly sweet, light and refreshing, & with a touch of honey in the finish- the perfect way to toast a busy day! 16 IBUs 5.0% abv

Toy Boat, Toy Boat

Double IPA

Hops take the spotlight in this bold and assertive doublehy IPA from luscious and enticing aromas through the brisk bitterness that lingers like a daydream. Toy Boat Toy Boat- the simplest & most delicious tongue-twister!

95 IBUs 8.3% abv

Mach Schnell!

Crafted with Wisconsin barley and locally-grown German pedigree hops, this crisp and classic lager honors Old World tradition with local bounty. An American pilsner with a German accent!
32 IBUs    5.5% abv

Rhine Heights

Dusseldorf-style Altbier
Our classic altbier has a brisk noble hop presence and a smooth, well-rounded malt profile.
42 IBUs   5.6% abv

Gold Medal – 2019 Great American Beer Festival®
Silver Medal – 2012 World Beer Cup®

Bock’s O-Chocolates

Chocolate Doppelbock
This rich and decadent true lager is lovingly crafted with imported chocolate malts, Dutch-process cocoa powder and liquefied cocoa nibs for the perfect chocolate ménage à trois.
24 IBUs   7.2% abv



Welcome Spring with a crisp, golden Maibock. Crafted from imported Munich and Vienna malts, our take on this classic style showcases locally grown Mount Hood hops for a balanced bitterness and mild floral/spicy character.

Good things come in multiples!

28 IBUs 6.7% abv

Vapour Trail

Hazy IPA

Pillowy soft hazy India pale ale with lilting hop aromas of passionfruit, white grape and mandarin. An international hop joyride.

45 IBUs 7.4% abv

Bob’s Yer Dunkel

Munich-style Dark Lager

What’s a brewer do when there’s suddenly a lot of free time? Work on new brews, of course! This dunkel boasts a rich array of bready, toasty German malts, accented with a touch of spicy, floral Wisconsin-grown Sterling hops. Cool fermented for a full 6 weeks for exceptional smoothness and a crisp finish. There you have it!

22 IBUs 5.1% abv

Key Lime Wit

Belgian-style Witbier w/ Lime

Fresh & flavorful citrus-kissed Belgian-style wheat ale, made with real key lime juice and natural key lime essence. Light, lively, and only available for a limited time.
11 IBUs 5.1% abv


Belgo Pale Ale
Japanese Sorachi Ace hops lend a unique lemony-citrus aroma and a subtle bitterness, and the authentic Belgian Trappist yeast contributes fruity, peppery intrigue and a dry finish.
30 IBUs   5.7% abv

El Scorcho

Red Ale with Roasted Chiles
A hunka hunka burnin’ love. We fire-roasted fresh serrano and poblano chilies to give this malty red ale a distinctive yet balanced pepper
flavor and mild capsicum heat.
45 IBUs   6.6% abv


Belgian-style Abbey ale
The “big brother” in our Abbey ale family. Subtle flavors of mandarin, pepper, tropical fruit, & vanilla are fused in a gently warming alcohol heat. Sinfully smooth for its towering strength.
21 IBUs   10.7% abv

RhuBix Cubicle

Sour Ale with Fruit

Presently puzzled? Perpetually perplexed? Perhaps this calls for a drink outside the box. Here’s a mixed culture custom-blend fruited sour ale with a bright flourish of rhubarb and strawberry. Pleasantly puckering. Pure pleasure.
16 IBUs 6.0% abv


Pale Ale

A hop-forward sessionable pale ale in the English tradition, featuring Brambling Cross, Cashmere & Sultana hops. Brewed in collaboration with Forward Madison and The Flock, this

crisp and quaffable quencher is pitch- perfect for gamedays at Breese Stevens field, or wherever your Flock takes you.
38 IBUs 5.0% abv


Sometimes there’s more beneath the surface than meets the eye. This multi-threaded imperial porter spent many moons in brandy barrels, then aged on muddled black currants and toasted oak chips for a truly distinctive and potent sipper. Dark beer meets dark fruit in enlightened times…best not get carried away.

60 IBUs 8.2% abv

Rye BA Dedication 2020

Fresh from its Great American Beer Festival gold medal, we reserved a small volume of Dedication abbey Dubbel for 6 months slumber in rye whiskey barrels from our neighbors at Wollersheim distillery. Smooth and spirited, with notes of toffee, vanilla and spice. ~10.7% abv