Sourcing Local Ingredients

In Our Kitchen

Our Chef aims to source local ingredients for all dishes served from our kitchen when possible. Here is a brief list of just a few of the local suppliers and purveyors we frequently do business with.

Knoche’s – All of our burgers are made of custom ground beef from Knoche’s butcher shop for the tastiest juiciest burger possible.

Cedar Grove Cheese – Wisconsin is blessed with many fine cheese producers. We are fans of Cedar Grove and use many of their cheeses such as their aged cheddar and Muenster.

Saxon Creamery – Another fine cheese producer located in Cleveland, WI, provides us with cheese for some of fan favorite “Home Grown” burgers.

R.E. Golden Produce – To get the freshest possible produce, dairy and eggs, we work with R.E. Golden Produce a family owned local produce company who locally sources when the season allows.

Fifth Season Cooperative – Another favorite of ours is the Fifth Season Cooperative, a  Reinhart sponsored group that combine the efforts of farmers all season long to sell their products in bulk for commercial use.

Gentle Breeze Honey – This is a family owned and operated business in Mt. Horeb. Their primary source of honey is from bees raised on white clover and alfalfa grown on Wisconsin’s finest family-owned dairy farms.

We also frequently serve beef from steers raised on a small farm just for us by our own family member Gary Kraemer in Plain, WI.

In addition to the previously mentioned sources, our occasional Beer Dinners, where we create unique culinary multi-course meals, provides us with the opportunity to go out and make more local connections with businesses like MacFarlane Pheasants and Carr Valley Cheese.

In our Brewery



  • Gorst Valley Hops – Mazomanie
  • Kraemer Family farms- rural Sauk County
  • And ocassionally from our brewer owners’, and friends’ backyards! – Madison area

Other ingredients

Gentle Breeze Honey– Mt. Horeb