Our Brews On Tap

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Sister Golden

Modeled after the famous namesake beer of Cologne, Germany, our light- bodied and refreshing Kölsch features a mild malty flavor and low bitterness. Often mistaken for a light lager, a pleasantly soft fruity aroma gives this golden ale away.
1.045 OG   20 IBUs   4.9% abv

Mosasaur (aka “Mosey”)

Our Mosasaur IPA makes gratuitous use of lovely Mosaic hops, noted for tropical, citrus and berry fruit notes. Bitterness is mellow, hop flavor is abundant.
1.068 OG 68 IBUs 6.9% abv

One of Top 3 Wisconsin IPAs – 2017 Wisconsin IPA Festival


Peach Belgian Wit

Our deliciously peachy Belgian wheat ale is the perfect antidote to the summer doldrums, with a tempting fresh fruit aroma and juicy sweet flavor, tempered by a mild peppery-spice character from the use of authentic abbey ale yeast. Here’s to summer!

16 IBUs 6.2% abv

Pumpkin Disorderly

Pumpkin Ale

No tricks – just treats! Our pumpkin ale is a beer first and a specialty beer second, formulated with a keen sense of balance. Brewed with real pumpkin and a secret blend of spices, along with caramel and roasted malts, we bring you the essence of the harvest season in a glass.

13 IBUs 7.4% abv


Scaredy Cat

Oatmeal Stout

A hearty and full-bodied dark beer with rich malt flavors of molasses, cocoa, caramel, and espresso.

30 IBUs 6.3% abv

Gold Medal – 2016 World Beer Cup®

Silver Medal – 2016 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Bronze Medal – 2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Weiss Nix


Well, what do you know? A classic unfiltered Bavarian-style wheat beer, with an inviting fruity/ spicy aroma reminiscent of banana, citrus, and clove.

14 IBUs 5.3% abv

Key Lime Wit

Belgian-style Witbier w/ Lime

Fresh & flavorful citrus-kissed Belgian-style wheat ale, made with real key lime juice and natural key lime essence. Light, lively, and only available for a limited time.
11 IBUs 5.1% abv


The “big brother” in our Belgian-style Abbey ale family, ‘Trepidation…’ defies easy categorization. Subtle flavors of mandarin, pepper, tropical fruit & vanilla are fused in a gently warming alcohol heat. Sinfully smooth for its towering strength, served in a 12 oz chalice.
1.100 OG   21 IBUs   10.7% abv

Bob’s Yer Dunkel

Munich-style Dark Lager

What’s a brewer do when there’s suddenly a lot of free time? Work on new brews, of course! This dunkel boasts a rich array of bready, toasty German malts, accented with a touch of spicy, floral Wisconsin-grown Sterling hops. Cool fermented for a full 6 weeks for exceptional smoothness and a crisp finish. There you have it!

22 IBUs 5.1% abv


Juniper Rye Ale

Sahti is an uncommon, ancient ale style from Finland which forges the flavorful elements of rye and juniper into a rustic & satisfying harmony. Gin-like evergreen and juicy berry flavors meld with hardy, spicy rye malt, in a distinctive yet refreshing historically-inspired ale.

8 IBUs 5.4% abv

Better Off Red

Hopped-up American Red Ale

Brewed with a careful blend of American malts and six types of hops that vie for attention in a high-flying balancing act. Ask any Badger…you’re better off red.

45 IBUs 6.6% abv

Silver Medal – 2016 Great American Beer Festival®


Abbey ‘Extra Dubbel’

Brewed in the tradition of the Trappist brewing monks of Belgium- featuring aromas of stone fruit, ginger, anise, and raisins and a bold, complex depth of malt flavor.

18 IBUs 9.2% abv

Gold Medal – 2019 Great American Beer Festival®

Gold Medal – 2016 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Silver Medal – 2018 Best of Craft Beer Awards


Irish Red Ale

Our famous red ale boasts a deep copper color and smooth, toasty caramel malt character, with just a touch of roasted barley in the finish for an exceptionally easy-drinking pint.

21 IBUs 5.3% abv

Bronze Medal – 2012 World Beer Cup®

Silver Medal – 2014 World Beer Cup®

Diamond Star Halo

Crisp & quenching, tart & tangy American sour ale with notes of sourdough and citrus. Serious
1.042 OG   7 IBUs   4.8% abv


Golden Bock

Welcome Spring with a crisp, golden Maibock. Crafted from imported Munich and Vienna malts, our take on this classic style showcases locally grown Mount Hood hops for a balanced bitterness and mild floral/spicy character. Good things come in multiples!
28 IBUs  6.7% abv


Amber Lager

Our Munich-style amber festival lager has a smooth classic malt character and just a kiss of German noble hops.

26 IBUs 5.6% abv

Vapour Trail

Hazy IPA

Pillowy soft hazy India pale ale with lilting hop aromas of passion fruit, white grape and mandarin. An international hop joyride.
45 IBUs   7.4% abv


Oaked IPA

Who’d have thought a hybrid English/ American oaked IPA would become our flagship and best selling beer? Walking the line between tradition and invention, inviting floral/citrus hop aromas and vanillin-rich French oak notes accent this perfectly balanced, distinctive India pale ale.

65 IBUs 6.5% abv

Bee’s Knees

Cream Ale

The humble cream ale has a history intertwined with the American working- class. We give ours a rural twist by brewing with oats, flaked maize, & WI clover honey. Mildly sweet, light and refreshing, & with a touch of honey in the finish- the perfect way to toast a busy day! 16 IBUs 5.0% abv

Rye BA Dedication 2020

Fresh from its Great American Beer Festival gold medal, we reserved a small volume of Dedication abbey Dubbel for 6 months slumber in rye whiskey barrels from our neighbors at Wollersheim distillery. Smooth and spirited, with notes of toffee, vanilla and spice. ~10.7% abv

Mach Schnell!


Crafted with Wisconsin barley and locally-grown German pedigree hops, this crisp and classic lager honors Old World tradition with local bounty. The American craft pilsner with a German accent!

32 IBUs 5.5% abv

Citra Zen

Pale Ale

Tropical and citrus fruit hop aromas abound in this American-style pale ale, bursting with blissful Citra and Centennial hops.

55 IBUs 6.4% abv


Under Currant

Aged Multi-Threaded Imperial Porter

Sometimes there’s more beneath the surface than meets the eye. This multi-threaded imperial porter spent many moons in brandy barrels, then aged on muddled black currants and toasted oak chips for a truly distinctive and potent sipper. Dark beer meets dark fruit in enlightened times…best not get carried away.

60 IBUs 8.2% abv

13 IBUs 7.4% abv


Cask-Conditioned Real Ales

The modern industrial age has brought many improvements to our modern lives, including some that have altered our perception of beer and what it could and should be. Ice-cold refrigeration and unnatural forced carbonation have helped to promote flavorless fizzy (yet indefinitely stable) beers worldwide. But what of the time-honored methods of yesteryear? Unpasteurized, unfiltered and all-natural real ales hearken back to the advent of brewing and civilization itself. Regardless of style, these beers undergo a second fermentation in the cask, resulting in natural carbonation, and are served hand-pulled through “beer engines” at traditional cellar temperature (50-60F). The enhanced aroma and flavor will make a believer out of you, too! Purists will tell you, this is the only way to experience “real ale”…alive and on cask!

From traditional to experimental, we tap a fresh firkin weekly. Please ask about our current selection.