How to Choose the Perfect Beer Pairing

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to matching up your favorite brews to our menu items, it all boils down to comparing and contrasting flavors. You can aim either to find like flavors in your beer and food or to do a complementary contrast of flavors, like sweet and heat! It is always important to match the weight of your brew to the weight of your meal. A lighter crisper kolsch isn’t always the best to enjoy with a stroganoff.

So basically there is no wrong way to pair, as long as it’s a VBC brew!

Here are a few of our favorite flavor combinations:

  • Sister Golden with our Beer Braised Chili-the beef and veggies are braised in our kolsch
  • Key Lime Wit paired with the Thai Salad- little citrus and wheaty creaminess to balance the heat of the spicy peanut sauce
  • McLovin with our Big Sky Burger-perfect weight and malty-goodness for a juicy burger
  • Scaredy Cat paired with our Chocolate Lava Cake-malty cocoa flavors mimic the dark chocolate of our favorite gluten free dessert