Have an allergy? Are you vegetarian or vegan and need a little help navigating our menu? We’ll give you a few pointers on dining in our establishments with a dietary restriction:


  1. Always over-communicate.  Let your server know your needs as soon as possible so they can help guide you through the menu. If you have a severe allergy/intolerance or one that is particularly uncommon, please ask for a manager’s assistance. We are always glad to help!
  2. Please be sure to indicate the level of intolerance you have. There is a possibility that the same cooking surfaces are used with your allergen. If possible cross-contamination isn’t a worry for you specifically, we can offer a few more options, or eliminate a few if it is a concern.
  3. Be prepared to wait just a bit longer than usual. We want to ensure your safety and may take a bit longer to get back to you while we double-check ingredients and sanitize cooking surfaces.


A few of our favorites:


Dairy Free– Thai Salad (as is)

Gluten Free– BBQ Baked Mac & Cheese (with gluten free noodles)

Keto– Top our delicious Caesar Salad with grilled steak, you won’t be disappointed

Low Fodmap– Salmon Entree (double the chef vegetables, no mashed potatoes)

Soy Allergy– Margherita Flatbread (as is)

Tree Nut Allergy– Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap. (Please make sure to specify your allergy, we will need to prepare the wrap on a different station to prevent possible cross contamination)

Vegetarian- The Veggie Burrito on the Brunch menu is to die for!

Vegan-Try out our homemade black bean patty with any of our burgers!  Our favorite is the Homegrown, with no brioche, cheddar, or aioli of course.