Join the Club!

$60 for 6 Months!
Membership starts July 15th. Members receive special released VBC packaged beer on the 15th of every month available for pick-up only.  The monthly beer released on the 15th will be exclusive for each member until the first of each month. Members are invited to a club party in Sauk at the brewery in lieu of a January beer of the month.  The party will include complimentary beers and appetizers. Members will have first access to events throughout the year including beer releases!

Perks Include:

  • VBC special release packaged beer each month for a year
  • Member only party in January each year
  • Sneak peek at new releases from VBC throughout the year
  • First access to VBC beer events
  • 2021 Membership goes from February 2021 to January 2022
  • Beers are available each month on the 15th.  Available for pick up only at pre-selected preferred location
  • Monthly beers are member exclusive for at least 2 weeks after release.  (on occasion they will be only member exclusive)